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We are a faith based organization working with rural village people surrounding Lake Chapala in the Guadalajara region of Mexico. 

We are a proud partner of a grassroots organization, Bridges of Hope International, from Lethbridge Alberta. Alivio International is fully accountable to the Board of Directors of Bridges of Hope

Our main objective is to educate communities about the need for clean water and proper sanitation practices, and to provide effective, inexpensive water filters.  In the process we also seek to provide families with micro business opportunities ranging from assembly of filter systems to sewing cooperatives. There is a great need for clean water in these communities, the lack of which is causing serious illness among the young and elderly. 

We have distributed 1000+ girls hygiene kits to villages around Lake Chapala and to the Huichol people of the Sierra Madres as well as Costa Rica and El Salvador. EXCITING news… Becca has developed a new design of a reusable menstrual pad. It is easy and fast to make. We are in the process of starting a social enterprise for the pads.


Our immediate goal is to get water filters and reusable menstrual pads to those who need them the most and to create sewing cooperatives and other businesses that will support families within these disadvantaged areas.

Always, in everything we do, we seek to share the love of God in Christ to all those we meet.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Clean Water Solutions

In many areas there is not access to clean drinking water. Often the water is contaminated with bacteria, parasites and viruses that result in many intestinal problems as well as poor kidney function, especially in children and the elderly.

Children, like 10 year old Diana, have suffered complete loss of kidney function and have had to undergo expensive paritoneal dialysis surgery in order to survive. The cost of these surgeries often financially crippling the families affected. Luckily, in Diana’s case, she was able to recently undergo transplant surgery and is now recovering at home and doing extremely well! Thanks to all the generous people and organizations who came along side us to make Diana’s recovery possible.

Our goal is to provide families with inexpensive and easy to use water filters, and in the near future we are working towards providing rain water capture systems in order that these families have a safe, sustainable water source.

The ceramic water filter shown is proven to be highly effective in eliminating 99.98% of parasites, viruses and bacteria. It has a flow rate of up to 5 liters an hour, is simple to clean and maintain, and can last for up to 5 years. For more information on the ceramic water filter system check out Caminos de Agua.

Donate a filter for a family

How can you help?

Our greatest need is to get ceramic water filter systems to families quickly. The impact they have already had on the families who have received them is tremendous. They no longer suffer from intestinal pain, diarrhea, and other illnesses they had been plagued with for years. However, they need your help in order to buy a filter system. Please consider donating $50 Canadian or $40 U.S. to help a family buy a filter. They then pay a minimal amount of 250 pesos (about $15 CDN) Everyone should have access to clean water, yet in these villages it just isn’t so, or the cost is so prohibitive that it uses up a lot of their resources. We need you to help make a difference today.

I have been deeply impacted by the love, grace and healing I have experienced through Jesus Christ and now feel called to use my knowledge of God, my talents as a carpenter, and my training as a leader, to bring relief to these beautiful people in the Guadalajara area of Mexico.

Alan Pohl – Director

Raised with a passion for missions I now feel the same deep sense of being called to serve full time. I love the people that we have been working with the last eight years and now fully understand that helping them is where I need to be. My desire is to use my experience as a mother and a nurse to bring comprehensive health education and care to disadvantaged communities.

Becca Pohl – Director