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Reusable Masks for Coronavirus Crisis

In this time of crisis, we have put our sewing cooperative to work making high-quality, reusable masks to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bela Masks are made from 4 layers of fabric. The outer layer and inner layer are cotton. The two inner layers are non-woven filtration layers. (No mask can completely stop all virus particles, but the added filtration layers help a lot!)

All masks are secured with elastic or cotton straps (depending on availability of materials) and have a wire nose-piece that can be shaped to your face for a better fit.

For those in the Chapala, Jalisco area, the masks can be ordered at

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During the COVID-19  crisis, many of the local people have lost their jobs and are struggling to provide food for their families. We are partnering with people in local villages, like Angeles in San Luis Soyatlan, who have a heart, but no resources.

As of April 10, the crisis has already reached a point where people are going to their neighbors asking for a plate of food. As the government-ordered shutdown continues, it will become even more difficult for neighbors to help neighbors.

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We are a faith based organization working with rural village people surrounding Lake Chapala in the Guadalajara region of Mexico. 

We are a proud partner of a grassroots organization, Bridges of Hope International, from Lethbridge Alberta. Alivio International is fully accountable to the Board of Directors of Bridges of Hope.

Our main objective is to help the local communities with a hand up, not a hand out. We currently have two major projects underway, employing local women to 

  • produce reusable menstrual pads to be distributed to local school girls

  • to aid in the production of reusable, high-quality, face masks to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

By structuring our projects in this manner, we are providing income to families in the villages and serving the surrounding communities. 

Always, in everything we do, we seek to share the love of God in Christ to all those we meet.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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How You Can Help

Our greatest need is funding for the Reusable Masks project and Emergency Food Relief.

Please consider donating $50 to help us fund these projects. We need you to help make a difference today.


I have been deeply impacted by the love, grace and healing I have experienced through Jesus Christ and now feel called to use my knowledge of God, my talents as a carpenter, and my training as a leader, to bring relief to these beautiful people in the Guadalajara area of Mexico.

Alan Pohl – Director

Raised with a passion for missions I now feel the same deep sense of being called to serve full time. I love the people that we have been working with the last eight years and now fully understand that helping them is where I need to be. My desire is to use my experience as a mother and a nurse to bring comprehensive health education and care to disadvantaged communities.

Becca Pohl – Director